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Our vision is Education for Empowerment and without borders for the people. We see our world and we see the need to champion a cause. We visualize this as a spirit, a movement, an action, more than rhetoric, to support and facilitate human endeavor. A resource for future generations which is also a plan that delivers. To return for what we been given, to seek and discover joy and meaning for people. To treasure the gifts of nature. To search for destinations for people. To strive for an empowered and dignified world, an equal place for all: a fraternity of humankind driven by freedom, love, compassion, knowledge and wisdom. A world in which we wish to educate all who are in search of education.

The Dev Preet Degree College aims to lead the society in the field of education, culture, research and to bring the revolution in the present education system of the world. We seek to do this in ways which benefit society on a global scale. Over the period of this Plan we will build on the Colleges’s traditions of independent scholarship and academic freedom while fostering a culture in which innovation plays an important role.

To develop our capacity to generate and share knowledge in the Kushinagar and globally,ensuring significant contributions to public policy-making and economic growth by providing education in the best and the most economical way.

To work effectively with other institutions and organizations, where such partnerships can lead to outstanding research and teaching.

To enhance structures for collaboration across departments, colleges.

To fulfill the aims that no potential student should be deterred from applying to Dev Preet by financial or other barriers and that no student’s success should be hampered by financial difficulties.

To contribute effectively to the cultural, social, and economic life of the world. We will monitor progress against our priorities, commitments, and aims using relevant performance indicators, benchmarks, and targets. Through this we will maintain focus on the Strategic Plan, ensuring that it continues to meet academic needs, enables us to respond to the external environment, and is updated as appropriate.

The annual planning and budgeting process will provide the framework for making the Strategic Plan operational at divisional and service level. Our Institute aims to provide our students with an authentically multicultural educational experience. We are on the path to Transformation. We have embarked upon a mission that is not a business; it is a paradigm that holistically connects individual, institutional and national transformation processes.